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Charlotte Amelia Poe becomes the first ever winner of the Spectrum Art Prize with her film “How to be autistic

The Spectrum Art Prize is a new national award which aims to celebrate exciting artwork produced by artists on the autistic spectrum. There are no artistic limitations to this prize as autistic artists working right across the artistic mediums are encouraged to enter. Entries range from animation to sculpture and the whole myriad of forms in between- reflecting the creativity, diversity and excellence of artists with autism.

2018 winner Charlotte Amelia Poe took inspiration from her own personal experiences with autism to create a film that takes the viewer on a journey through the ups and downs of living with autism. Below are just a couple of quotes about the film that highlight just how powerful it is:

  • Highly original genre. Powerful writing. The voice of autism through art.” – Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
  • Her film is unforgettable, the most explicit expression of having that condition. I have never heard it quite articulated like that.” – Mark Wallinger