Flexible day services

Our flexible day services are all about giving autistic people the chance to try new activities and meet new people. A variety of experiences are offered that increase independence, challenge, and stimulate.


Our experienced staff work with individuals to develop a plan of activities that meets their specific needs and interests.

The aim is to help develop existing and new skills by creating a structured timetable within a supportive environment. They also focus on developing communication skills, social integration, confidence and independence.

Our day services

Dukeries Centre 6

Dukeries Centre, Worksop

The Dukeries is an autism specific day service that offers range of structured activities based on individual requirements.

Hamilton centres visit to transport museum

Hamilton Autism Services, Nottingham

Hamilton Autism Services has a homely atmosphere with plenty of space for art, IT and sensory activities.

Mundy Street 2

Mundy Street, Heanor

Mundy Street day centre offers a wide range of structured activities based on individual requirements and interests.

Sherwood Centre puts their craft skills to good use

Sherwood Centre, Mansfield Woodhouse

Our autism specific Sherwood Centre offers a wide range of structured activities specifically focusing on building practical skills for the...