Governance & compliance

As a charity, Autism East Midlands is governed by trustees. They lead the organisation and meet quarterly to uphold the following:

  • Ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
  • Comply with the charity’s governing document and the law
  • Act in the charity’s best interests
  • Manage the charity’s resources responsibly
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
  • Ensure the charity is accountable.

Being a trustee means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives. Each trustee uses their skills and experience to support us and make a difference to the organisation.

Our Board of Trustees:

George Smith, Chairman;
Robert Woodford, Vice Chairman;
Keith Doble, Chair of Finance and Audit Committee;
Richard Bell, Terry Ousley, Julie Morgan, Paul Parr, and Ross Levy.

Our objective is to provide quality support services for people with autism in the East Midlands above and beyond the standards set by our regulatory and funding frameworks. For more details, read our Quality Policy Statement here.

Statutory Accounts

Gender Pay Gap

Contact the trustees

To get in touch with the Board of Trustees, please write to:

Autism East Midlands, Unit 31, Crags Industrial Estate, Morven Street,
Creswell, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 4AJ