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This blog post is brought to you from Sophie Jones, our Adult Service Manager at our Sherwood Centre Day Service, to share with you what our Sherwood Centre service users have been getting up to in her uplifting blog piece!

Following government advice, we’ve closed the majority of our adult day service buildings in order to keep our service users & families the safest we possibly can, whilst continuing to offer support.

I’m so proud of the commitment of our staff – we’re finding ourselves in the depth of a very uncertain pandemic and a period in our lives we shall never forget. A time where our Service users know their whole world has changed- it really has. The world is not operating as it used to- in terms of meeting our needs and our sensory exploring -our local areas are quiet, we can hear birds louder than before, the food & drink once enjoyed may not be available, and the freedom and choice is very limited right now as we see our local communities stay indoors to help protect all who we care about.

At the Sherwood Centre- a lot of our time is spent engaging with Service users and their families for regular updates- it’s a complete joy to know our service users are doing so well, engaging in structure at home, staying safe & unleashing such creativity- for example Bethany and her mum made a fakeaway McDonald’s- Bethany thought this was great- I’m sure you’ll agree with that smile!

One of our Service users- Shahram has celebrated his 30th birthday at home with his twin and his family. What a wonderful photo!

We have continued to deliver direct support to one of our Service users with a reduced amount of hours per week- this service enables that individual to cope with what’s happening in the world and most importantly keep some structure in his life.

At the centre- we have been able to maintain the garden, the vegetables and fruit are growing very well and we can’t wait to show you the progress.

I just want to remind you all we’re here still – and when the time comes, we look forward to delivering our usual service once again.

Please stay safe and thank you to all our service users, families and our hardworking staff.

You are all wonderful.