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The Inner Wheel Club of Warsop Autism East Midlands sponsored Cake Stand at the Warsop Carnival

The Inner Wheel Club of Warsop have recently appointed Autism East Midlands as their official charity of the year (July 2017 to July 2018) The members of the Inner Wheel Club will host a series of fundraising events to raise money / donations and promote the awareness of Autism East Midlands services.

The newly appointed president Helen Tomlinson adds:

I have chosen Autism East Midlands as my charity. I hold this cause close to my heart as many people close to me have been affected by the challenges of Autism and the whole spectrum can bring. The support that is given by Autism East Midlands to so many families is one that should never be taken lightly and I look forward to being able to support them during my year.

Guests of The Inner Wheel Club of Warsop ‘P Party’ held in August (right)

The Inner Wheel members kick started their charitable support with a Autism East Midlands sponsored cake stand at the Warsop carnival held in the summer.  Closely followed by the hugely popular and unusual P party (a party for invited guests where the theme is P for example: Pasta, pizza, paella, pulled pork. Or Wear your pajamas, party dress, wear pink, purple, peach; drink prosecco, pimms or pints!) held on 20th August the Inner Wheel team raised £200 for Autism East Midlands.

Autism East Midlands would like to thank Helen Tomlinson and the rest of The Inner Wheel Club of Warsop for their acknowledgment as chosen charity of the year 2017/18 and look forward to supporting their future events.