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Introducing our Marathon Runners from Sunday 22nd April.

Sunday 22nd April 2018 was the date of the world’s most famous marathon and in our 50th Anniversary year, Autism East Midlands had four fantastic runners!! The London Marathon is considered the pinnacle for runners, but it wasn’t the only marathon taking place on Sunday 22nd April as a supporter of Autism East Midlands took on the Blackpool Marathon. Meet our fantastic supporters below and hear their stories!

Matthew Dickerson- London Marathon Runner

Matthew, like all of our London Marathon runners, originally began raising funds for Autism Concern, however because of the merge of Autism Concern and Autism East Midlands in January, he ran the marathon supporting Autism East Midlands. The amazing support he has shown has raised £3,384 which will be used to continue the work Autism Concern has been doing for 25 years in Northamptonshire. We would like to say a huge thank you to Matthew for his fantastic support!

“Running the most famous marathon in the world means everything to me, it has somewhat taken over my life of late but with all the fund raising and pleasure on the day I really can’t wait! Running for Autism Concern (or East Midlands as it now is) was pretty much the only charity I wanted to partner with. I have two nephews both on the autistic spectrum who both attend special needs schools in Northampton. As several generations of my family have lived in Northampton it was important for me in choosing a local charity. If I have helped in any way to raise awareness of Autism Concern then it will be something I’ll always be immensely proud of”


Shana Griffiths- London Marathon Runner

Shana has shown fantastic support to Autism East Midlands, she has been training and raising her funds from Bermuda and made the long trip especially to run the London Marathon wearing the #TeamAEM vest!! Her wonderful support has raised a fantastic £2000 which will go a long way to support families affected by autism! Shana, thank you so much for all of your amazing support!

“It gives me the chills just thinking about running the London Marathon….the energy, the crowds, the landmarks and the history of this amazing city.  I am grateful to have this opportunity and even more grateful to have the health to be able to do it.

Running for Autism East Midlands is special to me as I want to help to provide support for families of kids with autism.  A parent can feel lonely and at a loss sometimes and any training or advice can make them feel empowered again. I want to help the parents.”


Michelle Berkeley- London Marathon Runner

Just like Shana, Michelle travelled from Bermuda especially for the London Marathon and we are extremely grateful that she chose to support Autism East Midlands. Her wonderful support has not only helped to raise invaluable awareness but also £1070. These funds will enable support for families in Northamptonshire who are affected by autism. A huge thank you to Michelle for your wonderful support!

“Firstly, I am grateful that my application was accepted by Autism Concern. Secondly, I feel honoured knowing that the money I have raised will go to such a worthy cause; and that it will help make a difference in so many lives.  My heart melts every time I receive this email alert ….”Great news – you’ve just been sponsored”!


Jessica Edge- London Marathon Runner

Jessica is our fourth London Marathon runner and again she originally supported Autism Concern before supporting the merger and donning the #TeamAEM vest on the big day! Her wonderful support has so far raised £1500 which again will go to supporting families in Northamptonshire who are affected by autism. Thank you Jessica for all of your wonderful support!

“Taking part in the London marathon will be one of my proudest achievements. Not only am I running 26.2 miles, but I am trying to raise awareness and funds for an amazing cause, Autism East Midlands. Bring it on!

Running for such a fantastic charity will be the drive that carries me across the finishing line and knowing that I’ve made a positive impact to families like mine that are affected by autism.”


Lisa McFetridge- Blackpool Marathon Runner

London is seen as the biggest, most famous marathon in the world, but it wasn’t the only marathon happening on Sunday 22nd April 2018! Lisa McFetridge took on the Blackpool Marathon as part of her ongoing year of fundraising. Lisa is spending the whole of our 50th Anniversary raising funds and taking on a whole host of challenges!! We would like to say a huge thank you to Lisa and her family for their ongoing support!

“I am excited to be fundraising this year, already done an amazing raffle, taken on Blackpool Marathon, planning an epic beard shave for my sister’s husband and we also have a bike ride to Skegness and back planned” Find below Lisa’s Just Giving page link, where you can support her fundraising!