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The National Citizen Service (NCS) is all about helping young people get ahead in life – learning some fantastic new skills, meeting some amazing new people and finding out how to make a real difference in the local community. Joe, Aaron, Gabe, Thomas and Stefan were selected to represent Sutherland House School for the week long accredited and nationally recognised course.

Portland College’s programmes are fully inclusive, tailored specifically for young people with disabilities, learning difficulties and additional support needs. The sessions during the week were varied and each day there were a range of different activities the group participated in. Each day the group completed their NCS Reflection journals and were able to relax in the student bar lounge, or play football with other students on the multi purpose activity pitch. The five students from Sutherland House School communicated positively with students from Portland College and Beech School in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Take a look at what activities the students participated in across the week:

Monday – Outdoor woodland activities, on-site in the Sherwood Forest campus. The group learnt how to make fire, build a tent and how to filter dirty water

Tuesday – Water sports – kayaking at the Mill Adventure base in Sutton in Ashfield followed by Indoor rock climbing in the afternoon

Wednesday – Participation in Next Step workshops discussing independence skills
with a map finding activity around the Portland campus in the afternoon

Thursday – Making pizza in the morning and starting the volunteer social enterprise project in the afternoon – making a horticultural box for another school

Friday – Completed the volunteer social enterprise project and indoor/outdoor group games in the afternoon with other schools/students

Massive congratulations to Joe, Aaron, Gabe, Thomas and Stefan who are the first students to successfully graduate from Sutherland House School with a 100% attendance record and the NCS award. The NCS award is a fantastic addition to any CV or resume and is recognised nationally as an endorsement of hard work, resilience and community action.

The final phase of the NCS programme will be the Graduation where the young people in the group get to celebrate their NCS achievements, and meet back with all of their new friends they have made whilst on the programme. The NCS Graduation Night/ceremony is on the 11th July.