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Students at Autism East Midlands’ Sutherland House School have been helping to decorate intu Broadmarsh for the Christmas period, by designing snowflakes and baubles that will be installed around the shopping centre during the festive period.

This year intu Broadmarsh asked local schools to help them design decorations for the shopping centre, Sutherland House School, a specialist autism school in the centre of Nottingham, were delighted to be asked to take part in the initiative. 2018 marks 50 years of Autism East Midlands and students at Sutherland House School were excited to be involved in intu Broadmarsh’s Christmas decorations initiative in such an important year in the charities history. Students at Sutherland House School were asked by intu Broadmarsh to decorate 30 snowflakes and baubles, with the only instruction that each design is unique and individual just like snowflakes.

Sutherland House School’s art lead, Milly Murray explained how enjoyable an exercise this was for students; “The students at school enjoyed opening the amazing packages filled with all of the exciting art supplies that we love to use. Dawid, on opening his parcel, exclaimed ‘wow it’s my birthday!’ Every student in school took part in creating their own masterpiece on the snowflake decoration, including some being covered with train drawings, some with spots, some with stripes, and lots with glitter. The students even found a use for the orange shredded paper by dressing up and using the paper as wig.

Autism East Midlands are delighted and thankful to intu Broadmarsh for the opportunity given to the students at Sutherland House School, and hope that the public enjoy seeing the decorations just as much as Sutherland House School students enjoyed decorating them.