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My name is Luke and I’ve decided I would like to do my own regular newsletter! I have always got something to do or a place to visit, so I want to let people know what I have been up to. I hope you enjoy seeing my pictures and reading about all my activities!

On the 30th April up until the 4th May, I went to Whitstable with Vicky. I enjoyed staying over at a holiday place by the sea. I wanted to go on a holiday to Whitstable, Kent, with Vicky so I could see my old School and hostel where I used to live years gone by and other places and people that I used to know there.

I enjoyed going around Whitstable town centre and walking along the beach. When I was walking along the beach, I saw at beach hut with my name on; ‘St Luke’s View’. Here is a photo of me at the beach hut!

My sister, Becky, used to live at Canterbury and so I wanted to go there and see the street where Becky used to live, and I also went to Moorgate, Ramsgate, and Tunbridge Wells for dinner with Lucy and Dan one night.

On holiday, I visited more places that I am interested in, such as the music shops there and also the charity shops. I managed to get some records such as ‘Modern Romance’ to add to my collection! Vicky and I also had fish and chips whilst on holiday, and we both had fun!

This year, Autism East Midlands are celebrating their 50th year of supporting individuals with Autism! Last week, I attended an Awards Ceremony to celebrate individuals within the company. I was so happy when I received an award for Independence!

There is a torch going around all the services of Autism East Midlands this year, last week was our turn to have the torch so I took a photo with my mum with the torch, and I also took it to the awards Ceremony! Here is me with Jane Howsen and Mary Stanley! I really enjoyed seeing everybody at the awards ceremony it was lots of fun.

My Birthday…
In August it will be my 50th Birthday! To celebrate, I am in the process of making plans to go to New York! Going there is on my dream list because I want to see things like the New York Plaza Hotel, the American cars, and try the food there. It is very exciting, and I will look forward to planning it all out. On my birthday weekend I am having a BBQ at Carlton road which I am looking forward to very much!

Thankyou for reading my first newsletter!