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Autism East Midlands service users recently enjoyed an all inclusive morning at the Nottingham City Centre Beach. Which has been running for ten years and is the busiest city centre beach attraction in the East Midlands and longest establish city centre beach attraction in the UK.

On Friday 13th July, the Mellors Group, who run the Nottingham beach, opened up the Beach to Autism East Midlands to create an Autism friendly beach experience. Service users enjoyed digging in the sand, paddling in the water and even flying kites.

Nick Vass from the Mellors Group commented:

“The original remit from Nottingham City Council was that the event should be free entry and accessible to all.
A busy public event does not always appeal to all groups. This is why many years ago we first approached local groups with learning disabilities to see what could be done to give them the same opportunity. We’ve allocated the entire site for a few hours as a private event for disadvantaged groups ever since.
We enjoy meeting the groups and their carers. There is a real sense of satisfaction and purpose in seeing the enjoyment of those who might not otherwise be able to participate; and through no fault of their own. It means we are delivering on our promise of a truly inclusive event. As long as there remains interest from disadvantaged groups wanting to come to Nottingham Beach, they will always be made most welcome. “

Autism East Midlands would also like to thank the Mellors group for organising this event and we look forward to visiting the Nottingham Beach again soon!