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Fairview (left) and Lynton House (right) in Carlton, Nottingham

We are pleased to announce that Autism East Midlands has moved its Linby Drive residential service into newly refurbished accommodation. We have an ongoing programme of capital expenditure that is designed to improve the quality of all of our services.

This programme started in 2015 with the purchase of a new site in the centre of Nottingham bringing together all of our 5 existing school sites. This not only improved the school environment exponentially, but also freed up the first buildings ever bought by the charity.

These were large domestic dwellings in the Carlton area of Nottingham and they have been completely refurbished to create bespoke flat type accommodation designed around the individuals who are going to make them their home. Fairview will be home to 6 adults with complex needs and Linton House will be home to 3. In addition to great flats, service users will have access to shared spaces in which to socialise on their own terms.

For more detail about this residential service please see details here: Fairview & Lynton House, Nottingham