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Jepta, Autism Support Worker at Dukeries, shares Jack’s story of life in service after lockdown.

Jack has been attending Dukeries Autism Centre for some years now.

Before lockdown, Jack spent the majority of his day on the computer watching Disney films, creating prints and having staff cut out Disney pictures. Then came Covid, which posed some challenges for our day service. The Dukeries Centre was shut for a few months, and once we reopened the service underwent some restructuring to ensure the safety of our service users and staff.

We recognise the potential in each of our service users and believe each individual can flourish and grow while in our support. Therefore, with the right support and committed staff team, we developed a new person-centred plan for Jack which was also catered to the changes in the Dukeries environment.

Jack’s individual ‘bubble’ was relocated to a different part of the service allowing Jack to experience new activities, such as relaxing in the foot spa, colouring, gardening, arts and crafts, walks, story time and baking. Staff were ready to support Jack through his transition, and straight away Jack seemed comfortable in his new environment. Jack took part in all the new activities without hesitation and seems much happier since then, as well as his parents being happy with Jack’s new routine once his return after lockdown.

The next step for Jack is to support him into the community once it is safe to do so.