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In this weeks blog we are delighted to hear again from Derby College student Will. In his latest blog Will shares how Alton Towers have supported him throughout his employment with them, he talks about his enjoyment of the job and how it has helped to develop skills he can use in others parts of his life.

Hello guys… So then you’ve had a little introduction to who I am, my college and my hobbies but it doesn’t stop there… A lot of 19 year olds have an ordinary job, but the job I do, I like to tell people its like being cast as the Next Doctor Who because there is no other Job like it. Yes I am talking about Alton Towers, Fast Pace Environment, Occasionally stressful and it can be difficult… How do I cope being autistic and working at theme park your wondering. I have worked at Alton Towers since 2016 and I thoroughly enjoy it, everyday is a different day in my eyes because you don’t know what is going happen. I work in retail and I work in the Wickerman shop, So if you’re your ever at Alton Towers pop and say Hey! My job duty consist of serving guests, looking after the shop and putting new stock out.

When I told Alton Towers that I was Autistic, I remember telling my first manager on my interview and she was incredibly supportive in July 2016, my life changed for the better because they completely wanted to understand my autism and as an employer they are incredibly supportive, they have helped put stuff in place for me, for example I only tend to work in the small shops at Alton Towers. With their help and support I have become more confident over time and also it has developed me as a person. Working in retail can be stressful I think we can also understand that because sometimes things do not go they way we want them to, people get unhappy and my job in to put it right.

Alton Towers are really good with people with additional needs and support, they are really open to helping and supporting you they have supported me since July 2016 and I’m still there and it truly is an amazing Job, there are difficult parts to the job but as I see the world… Nothing is easy you have to work hard to get what you want I am and 3 years ago I wouldn’t I of expected to be where I am now…

Speak Soon,

Will x