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In this weeks blog the Therapy Team at Sutherland House School provide an insight into the importance equipment, generously donated to the School by The Lord’s Taverners is having on students.

Students at Sutherland House School have been making the most out of multi-sensory environments and activities, thanks to a donation from the sports charity The Lord’s Taverners.

The school’s portable Interactive Floor, which was donated by the charity alongside equipment for the school’s sensory room, has been at the heart of several thematic experiences which have been set up in the school hall, under the direction of the school’s Creative Arts Teacher, Nikki Jarvis.

Each experience has been carefully put together to be multi-sensory in nature – in order to be both appealing and accessible to students who have a range of sensory preferences and sensitivities. The space is made to be intriguing and new, and a range of stimuli are provided, such as recorded music and sound, musical interactions with staff, backdrops, interesting objects, puppets, costumes and light effects.

Craft and hands-on sensory activities are set up for the students, making use of a variety of materials and textures. Always popular with the students however are the games that make use of the interactive floor.

Nikki is currently helping the students to create an immersive experience based on the Polar Express story. She said “the centrepiece is going to be a steam train, but there’s going to be an igloo too, and the interactive floor will be programmed to be a snowscape, with a crunchy effect underfoot. Learners at Sutherland House School get so much out of these experiences, and there is a way for everyone to get involved, from building the scene during arts and crafts activities, to reacting to and enjoying them alongside familiar members of staff”.