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Autism East Midlands service users proudly fly their flags at Notts County Football Club in celebration of the club’s sensory room first year anniversary.

On Saturday 9th September, Autism East Midlands staff and service users were invited to Notts County Football Club to enjoy match day celebrations and to support the sensory rooms first year anniversary. The event included the proud unveil of the official in association with Autism East Midlands plaque which is situated by the sensory rooms and a VIP invitation for two of our service users Caroline and Andy to be match flag bearers at the football match.

Kevin Pakenham, from Autism East Midlands commented, 

Caroline and Andy were flag bearers and waved their flags as the teams came onto the pitch. The public-address system announced that the welcoming party were people who had benefitted from the introduction of the sensory rooms over the last year as they walked off the pitch the whole of the Derek Pavis stand stood up and gave a tremendous round of applause.

He continued,

It was only 18 months ago that Debbie Austin 

(Specialist Autism Awareness Trainer) delivered autism awareness training to the Notts County staff and the idea to provide facilities for people with autism and other conditions and disabilities was first conceived. Notts County have really improved their facilities over the last year and carried out all of our recommendations from our autism friendly environmental audit. It was great to see the progress made.

Beverley Markland, Notts County Football Club Human Resources Manager, who has championed the autism awareness programme and played an integral part of the up and running of the sensory rooms adds,

I am so pleased that both Caroline and Andy had a wonderful afternoon, and Caroline in particular enjoyed the flag bearing which was a joy to see!

Over the last year many Autism East Midlands service users have benefitted from time spent using the sensory room facilities at Notts County Football Club.

For further information please visit www.nottscountyfc.co.uk

The sensory rooms are available to book for selected matches. For further information please contact: beverley.markland@nottscountyfc.co.uk or call 07900 740 552