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Art is often seen as a diverse range of that creates visual, auditory and performing artifacts that expresses the author’s imagination, intended to be appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.

Autism East Midlands’ 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition will be constructed around precisely this, as artwork created by autistic individuals from across the region is showcased at the Nottingham Playhouse between the 13th & 16th November. The exhibition is free and is open to the public during the Nottingham Playhouse’s opening times.

The exhibition will celebrate the artistic talents of Autism East Midlands service users and pupils highlighting the array of artistic talent possessed by individuals of all ages from right across the autism spectrum. The pieces of artwork on display have been created by Autism East Midlands adult service users from across the region as well as students from Sutherland House School which is based in the centre of Nottingham. There will be an array of artwork on display from colourful landscapes to pottery pieces created at our adult service in Mansfield.

Also at the exhibition will be some artwork produced by local fundraiser Tristram Aver whose 1,000 British Native Trees project aims to raise invaluable funds for Autism East Midlands and the Woodland Trust. The project intends to bring to life, through art, the importance of environment to calm individuals. Tristram’s daughter, loves woodland as it provides a calm and serene environment for her to cope with sensory overload and help her to communicate more freely, this provided the inspiration behind the project.


For more information about the Art Exhibition please email marketing@autismeastmidlands.org.uk