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The Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges for autistic individuals and their families, including huge changes to their daily routines. We understand how this unprecedented situation can increase anxieties and cause difficulties, therefore we have provided some information on our online services, useful links and other resources that may be helpful and of interest.


“Autism, Anxiety and Coronavirus”: Our Blog on Autism, Anxiety and Coronavirus outlines ways you can help autistic adults and children through these unprecedented times. You can read this blog here.

“We’re Still Here”: Sophie Jones, our Adult Service Manager at our Sherwood Centre Day Service, shares what our Sherwood Centre service users have been getting up to in her uplifting blog piece. You can read Sophie’s blog here.

“You’re Not Alone”: Alex Devanney, one of our Residential Service Managers, discusses the importance of communication between staff about their mental health wellbeing during this unprecedented time. You can read Alex’s blog here.

“Coping with Uncertainty of Coronavirus”: Autistica provides a guide on how to cope with the uncertainty of Coronavirus including tips for managing feelings of uncertainty. You can read this blog here

“Tips for Managing Mental Health during Coronavirus”: Autistica provides a range of tips based on evidence, with input from autistic people and the Autistica team, who are putting them into practice during lockdown. You can read this blog here.

“Why Bird Music Is Great For Relaxation, Stress And Anxiety”: Managing anxiety through sound therapy, a blog provided by Chipper Birds which you can read here. 

“Face Masks – Barriers in communication for autistic people”: Autism Hampshire has provided an informative piece on how face masks can be a barrier for autistic individuals, raising awareness of the challenges autistic people may face with the new guidelines on face coverings in the UK, you can read this article here. 


Face Coverings

How to use our Autism Exemption Card:

1. Print out the document.
2. Cut out the card that best suits you.
3. Stick both sides together to create a doubled sided card (one side with our logo, and one side with the Autism information).
4. Carry this in your purse, wallet or pocket.

To access our Autism Exemption Card, please click the purple tab below. 

Autism Exemption Card

New Face Coverings Guidelines

Government Guidance on Face Coverings: When to Wear One and How to Make your Own


Useful Links

Government Guidance on Coronavirus

Advice on Coronavirus

Resources for Autistic Adults

Coronavirus: Helping Autistic Children


Leicestershire Lockdown Resources

Leicester City Council Guidance

Gov Website with map of Leicester Lockdown


Our Online Services

  • Mansfield Advice and Guidance Service: This is a weekly online/over the phone service which supports autistic individuals living in the Mansfield area who require support as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information on this service and how you can book on, click here
  • Family Support: Our Family Support team will be available every week for parents to get in touch with to answer your questions, discuss concerns or just have a casual chat about life in lockdown.

Parents, we want to hear from you. We want to know how we can better our online services to meet the needs of those we support, therefore, we are asking parents and families to complete our quick Family Support survey. To access this survey, please click here.


Coronavirus stories

Ben’s Story

“The first weeks of lockdown were really hard I sometimes felt like screaming at the walls, it was a very dark time. I spent a lot of time watching TV news casts and reading about the virus on social media. I also remained in contact with my friends through social media.

“I found it really hard to set up a routine and my sleep pattern changed but gradually this has improved and I try to get to bed at a decent time.

“Some of the things that I found really helpful have been talking to people through Twitter and Facebook. I have a friend that phones me regularly every day to speak to me.”

To read Ben’s full story featured in the Melton Times, please follow the link: https://www.meltontimes.co.uk/news/people/life-aspergers-under-lockdown-2866557


Will’s Story

“There were days that I found difficult and I kept saying to myself, “we are all in the same boat and we will get through this”, there were days that I had arguments with mum and dad because I was bored, and there were days during lockdown that my motivation completely sunk.

However, being proactive helped me clear my mind and cope with lockdown a lot better. Running and doing the stuff I wanted to do has kept me going through this challenging time, while also allocating time for myself.”

To read Will’s full story, please click here



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