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Gift in your Lifetime

Legacy Giving

We appreciate that your loved ones come first,and that is as it should be. However, after you’ve taken care of the people who are closest to you, a small percentage of whatever is left could make a huge difference for autistic children and adults.”

Your legacy could mean that no matter what challenges the future holds, we can be there to provide educational, residential, and day services to adults and children with an autistic spectrum condition, as well as offering support and advice to their carers.

If you have a solicitor and you are buying a house or you wish to have a conversation about a change in circumstances, ask them at the same time about leaving a gift for Autism East Midlands in your will.

There are different kinds of legacy giving and your solicitor will be able to advise which is best for your particular circumstances:

A Pecuniary Legacy is a fixed amount specified in your will.

A Residuary Legacy is the remaining value of your estate after all other bequests to family and friends have been made.

A Reversionary Legacy allows family and friends to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to pass to Autism East Midlands.

Specific means a particular item, such as shares, property or valuables, left to Autism East Midlands will be free of inheritance tax.

If you do decide to leave a legacy in the name of Autism East Midlands, please do let us know. For the generations who will benefit in the future…”Thank You”