Donate in memory or gift in will

Donate in memory

Asking friends and family to make donations at a funeral instead of sending flowers, is a meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one.

We can supply donation envelopes for use at the funeral. These will help keep donations secure and provide a record for you of who made a gift. We will be happy to help you organise this, so please do get in touch.

Email or call 01909 506678.

Gifts in wills

Leaving a legacy gift to us is of course your choice and we thank you for considering Autism East Midlands in your will.

After you have looked after your loved ones, leaving part of your remaining estate to the charity is a long-lasting way of making sure we will continue to care for future generations of autistic children, adults, and their families.

Legacies, regardless of size, are essential in helping us continue to support, empower and care for autistic people, and their loved ones, across the East Midlands. Gifts in wills allow us to be there when needed throughout a person’s lifetime.

We appreciate leaving a gift in your will is an important decision and can take some time to decide. If you have any questions, or want more information, please get in touch - we will answer your questions quickly, respectfully and honestly.

What sort of gift could I leave?

There are different ways to leave a gift in a will to charity, and you can specify how you would like the charity to use your gift. Your solicitor/writer can talk you through these options in more detail. But here is a list of the four main legacy types:

Residuary Legacy - the remaining value of your estate after all other bequests to family and friends have been made (for example, 10% of your estate).

Pecuniary Legacy - a fixed amount specified in your will (for example £5,000).

Reversionary Legacy - loved ones continue to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then after their death, the balance of the estate passes to the charity.

Specific – gifting a particular item, such as shares, property or valuables.

Should you decide to leave the charity a gift in your will, your solicitor will require the charity’s full address and charity number:

Autism East Midlands, Unit 31, Crags Industrial Estate, Morven St, Creswell, Worksop, S80 4AJ Registered Charity Number: 517954

If you have already left a gift in your will

If you have already included Autism East Midlands in your will – thank you so, so much for helping us to safeguard the future care of autistic people.

Please let us know if you plan to do this. Knowing you have left us a gift in your will helps us plan for the future. It also gives us the chance to personally thank you for your generous support, while keeping you up-to-date with our work and vision for the future.

Your will, our promise

After you’ve looked after your loved ones, leaving a gift to Autism East Midlands in your will is a special way of making sure we can continue to be here to care for and support autistic people for years to come.

We rely on gifts in wills to provide our vital, specialised and dedicated care and support. Quite simply, we couldn’t do what we do without your support.

All gifts in wills make a huge difference to those who rely on us. If you pledge to support us in this very special way, we promise to do our very best for you. As part of this, we promise that:

We will use your gift wisely and where it’s needed most.

We will always answer your questions, quickly, respectfully and honestly.

The people you love come first. We will treat you and your loved ones with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

We won’t put you under any pressure. Leaving a gift in your will is a big decision, so please decide in your own time. If we can help, please ask.

Your privacy is vitally important to us. You don’t have to tell us if you have left a gift in your will, but if you do we will ensure that it remains confidential. We will never share your details with anyone else.

You’re always welcome to come and see how your gift will help. Just contact us and we will arrange a visit.