Nottingham Forest match is just the ticket for students

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Sixth form students at Sutherland House School recently took part in the Think Big programme, which introduced them to careers in technology, and how technology is embedded into sport and local life.

The sessions were delivered by Arron Cuttriss from Nottingham Forest Community Trust and the school was offered tickets for students and accompanying staff to go to the home match, Nottingham Forest vs Everton.

None of the students had previously been to the city ground. In fact, for 4 out of 5, it was their first time watching a live football match.

The students were met by school staff, who walked with them to the city ground, in plenty of time for kick-off. When they arrived they were gifted Nottingham Forest scarves and were able to walk around the stand in order to avoid the crowds.


The match was full of drama from the start and there was a fantastic atmosphere in the stands. The match resulted in a 2-2 draw and afterwards the group was invited to meet with the manager of Nottingham Forest, Steve Cooper. They were able to watch as Steve did his post-match press interviews.

Reflecting on their day, student, Ethan Barnett said he was very keen to go and watch Nottingham Forest again, and has been wearing his scarf in school with pride.

"I enjoyed the game, the pictures, pretty much everything," he said. "The highlight of the whole day was meeting big old Stevie Cooper."

My experience at the Nottingham Forest football match was amazing. I got to see Lingard’s car and Steve Cooper, the manager. I was hoping it was going to be a win, but it was still nice that they drew, as it made the tensions run high. My favourite part was the atmosphere of the whole match.

Harvey Gunn

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