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Sibling Support

The Siblings’ Support Group is for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years, who have a brother or sister with an autistic spectrum condition.

The group provides a great opportunity for children to explore their feelings and talk to other siblings in the same situation. It also offers a whole range of fun activities in a supportive, friendly and confidential environment. We usually offer a parent workshop on supporting siblings to accompany these sessions.

When does it meet?

The Siblings’ Group runs once a year usually in either the Spring or Summer terms. Each session lasts for two hours and they are held across eight evenings.

Siblings of children/adults with an autistic spectrum condition may attend the course. The course is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to siblings.

So, what happens in these groups?

  • We help each other to explain our feelings about our brothers and sisters to others
  • We discuss good times and difficult times with them
  • We talk about what it’s like to have autism/Asperger’s syndrome/P.D.A.
  • And being treated differently from our brothers and sisters
  • We talk about the future

For Further Information / Booking:

Contact: Linsey Atkins 01909 506678 or email: linsey.atkins@autismeastmidlands.org.uk