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Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

Autism East Midlands offer students across the East Midlands and Yorkshire the opportunity to access a mentor who can help with life at University. To be able to access this the student will need to be eligible for the Disabled Students Allowance which they can apply for during their Student Finance Application. Once accepted for DSA the student can then pick Autism East Midlands to provide their support in the form of a mentor.

The Autism East Midlands mentor will work alongside the Non-Medical Assistance scheme, as a Non-Medical Helper (NMH), providing specialist mentoring support to students diagnosed on the spectrum. These students would have been allocated a mentoring recommendation through their Study Needs Assessment.

NMH DSA Support Rates

A mentors role is to befriend, assist and monitor the students transition through university life.

A mentor’s responsibilities include:

    • Supporting the student to access the social environment at University
    • Supporting the student to understand demands placed upon them with respect to coursework, deadlines, processes and procedures
    • Supporting the student to understand social contexts and appropriate behaviour
    • Assisting the student to make sense of ambiguous and confusing situations
    • Supporting and encouraging the student to reflect on self practice, achievements and progress
    • Supporting the student with problem solving, identifying and referring to other key services within, and external, to the University
    • Helping the student to identify issues causing concern and propose ideas for self-monitoring and/or resolution techniques
    • Supporting the student to develop strategies that enable participation in student life
    • Maintaining and respecting confidentiality at all times

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