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The Elizabeth Newson Centre

The Elizabeth Newson Centre (ENC) supports individuals and their families who may have developmental social and communication conditions, the services supporting them and those commissioning these services. We are proud to be continuing Liz Newson’s work by:
• setting the expertise of the individual and their family at the centre of our work
• striving to promote better outcomes for individuals and families facing severe problems and difficulties due to developmental differences and patterns of family living
• supporting the development of good practice by working collaboratively with other services and promoting research

We recognise the significant changes that have taken place in the development of pathways for the assessment and diagnosis of autism and other developmental conditions since Liz retired, so the centre is now focused on more specialist work involving assessment, diagnosis and consultation. We have particular expertise and experience in the assessment of individuals who present with pervasive and severe difficulties associated with demands and social expectations. In line with research and current understanding of autism, we recognise that autism is a dimensional concept, impacting all aspects of social connectedness. We use the internationally recognised diagnostic frameworks, the International Classification of Diseases, 11th edition and the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, 5th Edition. Our work is informed by compassion, commitment and positivity and we are driven forward by our commitment to innovative, create and challenge in the best interests of those we support.

You can get in touch with The Elizabeth Newson Centre by using the contact information below:

Email address: diagnostic-centre@autismeastmidlands.org.uk

Telephone number: 0115 9609263

The Elizabeth Newson Centre
Bath Street