Parents & Carers

Supporting parents and carers and involving them in the education of their children is considered key to the success of a child’s placement at Sutherland House School.

We believe that education is a partnership between school and home, where strong parental/carer links are actively encouraged. We work closely with our parents and carers in line with our School/Home agreement

Discussion with parents and carers occurs more formally through termly meetings, annual reviews and social service reviews

Comments & Complaints

Any parent or carer who has a concern or complaint is encouraged to share and discuss the matter with their child’s class teacher or to speak to the Headteacher.

When a parent or carer is still not satisfied, the school has formal complaints procedure. See details on the downloadable documents below.


Parent Programme & Support

Our parent programmes provide support by bringing parents together to learn how to understand and help their children and young people. The programmes are open to parents and carers of children with a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition or those who suspect their child may have autism and are open to those who live within the Autism East Midlands area.

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