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Vocational Support

AEM is proud to provide a tailored service to meet the needs of each individual. Feedback from our Service User and Student Voice personalisation programmes have shown that many service users have an interest in progressing towards vocational training and / or employment.

We have therefore expanded the vocational qualifications we are able to provide to includes qualifications in horticulture, catering, art and design and painting and decorating. These are delivered in real world social enterprise environments and can range from 15 minute taster sessions through to apprenticeships and employment.

We have also developed a pathway to employment, which provides a flexible route to allow service users to experience the workplace, understand the skills needed to function in a job, develop skills and experience and move towards external employment.

We realise that an employment setting is not relevant for all service users or students and we are proud to say that the entire principle of our support is always based upon ensuring the maximum quality of life for every person.