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Sutherland House School have started to take two students climbing at the Depot Climbing Centre in Nottingham on a Friday afternoon. The Depot is within walking distance of the school and the sessions last for approximately an hour, leaving school after dinner and then returning to school for transport home.

The two students climbing are supported with familiar staff from Sutherland House School. The Active Living Lead climbs regularly and has sufficient experience to supervise two students per session. Each climb is demonstrated for safety and foot/hand positioning. Only one person climbs at a time therefore waiting, turn-taking and resting muscle groups are important elements of the session.

Bouldering is climbing without using ropes. The two students wear hired climbing shoes from the centre. Coloured routes on the walls determine the difficulty level of each climb. Large matting is placed all around the area where students will be climbing. Students will have the option of using chalk on their hands – this will provide extra grip when climbing. Upon reaching the top hand hold/colour the person climbing must use both hands, be in control of the climb and count to three. It is safer to climb down rather than fall therefore this is an important safety aspect to the session.

Indoor Climbing is a fantastic activity which is reported to be beneficial for a participant’s strength, proprioception, gross motor skills and personal well-being. The two students enjoyed the session and are happy and motivated to attend weekly for a period of time before we offer the opportunity to other students in the school.

Please see the link below for the climbing centres website and further information.