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Students at Sutherland House School have received important credits towards their OCR Life and Living Skills Qualification this week after their yoga work was moderated externally by OCR.

Students pulled together a folder of work which showcased their ability to do a variety of moves and positions, this folder was created over a period of a year. Each week students attended sessions which were run by a qualified teacher of yoga from within the school, each week the students would attempt to perfect a variety of yoga positions including the lion, boat, flamingo and chair. These sessions were introduced not only to help students to achieve credits towards their Life and Living Skills Qualification but also to improve students’ strength, flexibility and to help instil a sense of calm and relaxation into each individual.

Sutherland House School would like to say a huge well done to all students who participated in these sessions. Each student demonstrated calm and persistence with the yoga moves and their credits are thoroughly deserved.