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Corporate Colleagues

Become a Corporate Colleague. If you are looking to partner your company with a highly regarded and inspiring regional autism charity, then look no further.


We will ensure a unique corporate partnership with Autism East Midlands is engaging, motivating and fun for all involved. Through partnering with us you will help support some of the most vulnerable people in society, while at the same time enhancing your strategic delivery of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our partnerships are always mutually beneficial and we have a lot of diverse opportunities to offer, so please read on.

Raise your profile in the East Midlands and beyond – we are part of the Autism Alliance and link with 18 other organisations across the whole of the UK feeding into Government policy and key influencers around autism.

Have a specific relationship manager – unlike some national charities our staff are locally based with a full understanding of commercial issues in the region and are able to get to you, as and when required. We can also offer support to your Charity Champion to ensure the partnership goes smoothly.

Some of the companies who support us:



Engage your staff: we offer support and development through autism awareness training , fundraising and volunteering.

Make a difference: Your organisation has an important role in helping people who can be marginalised. You will gain recognition for your involvement from the autism community, their friends and families, as well as your employees who may well have their lives touched by this lifelong condition.


Christine Saxon on 01909 506678 or email