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A visit to the Lincolnshire Coast happened this week as Autism East Midlands’ Adult Services visited Mablethorpe. Service Users were able to enjoy a wide array of activities on offer at the seaside town, which included; the amusements, fairground and beautiful blue flag beach. Holidaying in England is always reliant on the weather and the summer of 2018 has delivered glorious sunshine, which enabled service users to fully embrace the activities on offer.


A staff member from Autism East Midlands’ Retford Adult Service, Tall Trees, commented on the day:

“It was a great day the service users really enjoyed themselves, all of them enjoyed going into the amusements and going on the 2p machines, and on the virtual roller-coaster. There was lots of smiles from both staff and service users. It was a good experience for the guys, and they appeared very happy and some didn’t want to leave.”/>

The benefits of this trip have been felt by both staff and service users; being able to take individuals from a collection of our services to access the beach, helped to promote social interaction amongst our service users as well as promote their independence as they were able to decide what they wanted to do during their trip. Mablethorpe was a fantastic day and it definitely wont be the last time Autism East Midlands visit the seaside town.