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On 14th May at Harvey Haddon Leisure Centre in Nottingham eight students represented Sutherland House School in an inclusive Athletics tournament organised by Sports Nottingham.

The students wore red bibs/vests and participated in a range of field events. These were marshalled by sport students from a local Nottingham college. The group rotated to the next event after each student had participated. The events were: Chest Push, Hi-Stepper, Standing long jump, Target throw, Javelin and Shuttle run. Students from Sutherland House School performed well throughout all of these events with some students showing some ‘stand out’ performances in the target throw, standing long jump and shuttle run.

The event was attened by a number of other schools from Nottingham which meant that the venue was lively, loud and extremely busy. All the students demonstrated enthusiasm and great effort during each event as they represented Sutherland House School superbly, all school staff present were extremely proud of how the students conducted themselves. The experience was extremely positive and all of the students appeared to enjoy this well organised inclusive event.