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At the end of May 6 students represented Sutherland House School in an inclusive indoor Kurling Tournament at Harvey Haddon Leisure Centre in Nottingham, the event was organised by Sports Nottingham.

Kurling is played by pushing stones comprising of bearings along the ground towards a target with the idea being to get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents stones. It was inspired by the Winter Olympic Sport of Curling, which is played on the ice.

Sutherland House students played five competitive games against other schools from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The games were marshalled by sport students from a local school. The rules of this tournament were to get your disc, red in the case of Sutherland House School, as close to the target as possible. You are allowed to knock the other team’s disc out of the way if you can hit it. Each game consists of two players throwing two discs each, waiting in turn for the other team to throw their discs, blue in the case of the other schools. After the game is finished the students sit down and two new students take their place, thus the game and players are constantly rotating with no one sitting out of action for long periods of time.

All the students demonstrated enthusiasm and great effort during each event. The experience was extremely positive and all of the students appeared to enjoy this well organised inclusive event.

Sutherland House School’s results were as follows:

Sutherland House School 4 Brackenhill B 5
Sutherland House School 7 Fernwood B 3
Sutherland House School 3 Beechdale B 5
Sutherland House School 3 Beechdale A 7
Sutherland House School 4 Fernwood A 7