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We would like ‘more art in school’ was the feedback from our student council, Student Voice.

We value our Student Voice and what the students tell us shapes the environment of our ever-evolving school. Our brilliant art teacher, Milly, class 4 teacher, Vic and music therapist, Rinzing, jumped at the chance to display the students artwork and went about creating an exhibition during Autism Awareness Week with the title: ‘Celebrating Us’.

It was incredibly important that every child in the school was represented at the exhibition. Art pieces were created, finessed and collected before the curation process started. Hours of framing, photographing and printing ensued before the art was ready to be displayed. The team of staff and students worked to create the gallery, carefully thinking about how and where each piece was presented to ensure its maximum impact.

With invites sent, posters displayed, art ready and media photographers poised the exhibition was opened. We welcomed visitors from local businesses, Confetti College, governors and parents alike who were wowed by the quality and skill in the art they saw. We had amazing feedback from visitors which we will add to our newsletter.


Well done everyone, we are very proud of all our amazing students and staff.