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A team of 17 volunteers from Boots gave Autism East Midlands Sutherland House School in Nottingham a Spring make over.

On Monday 4th April, in support of World Autism Awareness Week, Sutherland House School on Bath Street in Nottingham (our specialist school that educates children and young adults who are on the autism spectrum) received a well deserved ?spring make over? kindly provided by a team of volunteers from Boots.

Kev Harrison led the Boots April SSC/Burton Community challenge at Sutherland House, providing a team of volunteers to complete a series of tasks and jobs. Making an early start at 7.00am, the team provided a full day?s worth of services to help make major changes at the school.

Kev adds ?We had a great day and even rain at points in the day didn?t dampen spirits. The team painted two Sensory Rooms, a huge 100 feet long wall outside (three coats), jet washed and tidied the junior playground, sanded and painted all handrails and tided the garden at the front of the school. This will make a huge difference to the children using this facility. Boots cares passionately about the community and we were only too happy as a business to support this fantastic school settle into their new location and help them give the school a makeover. Children on the Autistic spectrum deserve the best and we hope we have contributed a little towards giving them the school they deserve.”

Volunteers included Kev Harrison, Byron Greenhill, John Frost, Renata Prokopovicova, John Knight, Derek Underwood, Yvonne Wallace, Artis Valanis, Roy Parkes, Mortimor Thomas, Arvis Zalkans, Elizabeth Jenkins, Viktor Soos, Ben Lakes, Stuart Barks, Phil Bucknall, Janet Allen

We would like to add our extended thanks to Boots and to Kev Harrison and his team of volunteers for coordinating this good deed, and for choosing to support Autism East Midlands as part of the Boots April SSC/Burton Community challenge.