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In the first Autism East Midlands blog of 2020 we hear from Sutherland House School Student, Adam, who has been working on a spectacular ICT Project that combines his love of ICT and Art. On hand to help Adam with this project was IT services business Central Technology, who are based in Chesterfield.

I sent an email to Maddie at Central Technology and asked if they had any old computers for my Project.

Me and Dan went to Chesterfield to collect the old computers. I like the office.
They have a dog walking around.

I got lots of old and dirty computers and parts. We brought them back to school.

Chris helped me take them apart, they were very dusty and we needed to clean all of the parts. There were lots of old motherboards, ram and even some graphics cards.

We had also collected some motherboards from an old music keyboard and even parts from a broken PS3.

We planned how they would fit on a board and decided that we needed hardboard that was 1.20m by 1.20m. I went with Milly to B&Q to get the board with Milly.

Chris helped attach all of the parts, I was going to spray it all white but we like the way it looks now it is finished.

It is going up on the wall in the ICT room. I think it look fantastic. I like the way the memory fits on the board.