Life in School

Celebrations, Belonging & Behaviour

Celebrating progress

At Sutherland House School we have high expectations for our students in all areas of their learning. We celebrate their achievements and progress in many ways; from target achievements in class to celebration assemblies and formal presentation events.


Sutherland House School believes that the teaching of self-respect, respect for others, tolerance and cooperation are vital for the overall development of our students.

The school individualises support for students based on need using a positive behaviour support approach. This ensures that disruptive behaviour is dealt with calmly and effectively with respect and consideration for all involved.


Attendance is monitored daily. It is important that parents and carers contact school and the relevant transport service in the event of known absences. We will follow up any absence from school with a telephone call to parents or carers if a student is absent without contact.

School Uniform

We believe that school uniform gives students a sense of belonging. It also provides a visual reminder of the weekly routine to support the differences between school days and days when there is no school. For example, weekends and holidays. From September 2016 we would expect all students to wear school uniform up to Year 11.

We recognise the sensory processing differences that many young people with autism have and so offer round neck t-shirts as well as polo shirts, fleeces and sweatshirts. Additional t-shirts, for example, favourites without labels, may be worn underneath.

Please contact us if you have specific difficulties you would like to discuss.


Bullying, as it is usually understood, is a difficult concept for autistic children.

However, we are strongly opposed to any situation in which one person may take advantage of another. We have an anti-bullying approach that is based on our positive behaviour support approach.