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Joe, who access our Dukeries Day Service, was supported on a 3-1 ratio prior to the lockdown period. During Joe’s time at Dukeries, he struggled at times in the main building due to loud noises, quantity of people and other sensory difficulties.

Once the UK went into lockdown, Joe and his mother experienced challenges with the changing of Joe’s routine, along with additional obstacles that the pandemic created. Our Dukeries team kept in touch with Joe and his mother over the lockdown period and was committed to supporting Joe and ensuring a person-centered plan was implemented during his transition back into service once Dukeries was safe to reopen.

Once Joe returned to Dukeries, our team decided to support Joe in our Dukeries Green Gates Building 1 and was provided with 1-1 support during this transition. Joe immediately found this environment a lot better in comparison to the main building, and Joe began to manage his own behavior in his new surroundings.

After spending 3 weeks in Dukeries Green Gates Building 1, Joe transitioned into Dukeries Green Gates Building 2 as the facilities in this building were better suited to Joe’s needs. Now, Joe is supported in Dukeries Green Gates Building 2 along with another service user who also accesses this service.

Joe seems to be thriving in his new environment, he is forming relationships with other service users and participating in activities that he wouldn’t normally do in his previous routine prior to lockdown.

Joe has been enjoying arts and crafts, gardening and reading magazines. Joe is extremely proud of his artwork and has produced some fantastic pieces which you can see in our Gallery featured below.

At times of anxiousness, Joe is coping very well with being able to calm himself down and deescalate the situation. Joe will remove himself from certain situations and allows himself to relax, this coping strategy is something Joe has recently developed on his own accord with the help of support staff.

It seems as if lockdown and the effects of the pandemic has had a huge impact on Joe and has been a positive change for him, which is amazing to see.