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Consultation and Training

The ENC can provide individually tailored consultations and training packages to a meet range of different needs and for a range of different people. This ranges from work dedicated to individuals through to helping services and agencies meet the needs of particular groups. The work can be focused on one or across a range of settings, including home life, schools and colleges, the workplace, social care services, health services and community services. Our work focuses on improving the lives of those who have difficulties and problems with social communication, emotional regulation, functional and adaptive behaviours and patterns of behaviour that others find challenging and difficult. We are often asked to address the following:

• Positive Behaviour Support Planning, using a functional approach
• Adapting and developing accommodations to support those with complex individual differences
• Auditing and developing environments to improve quality of life
• Matching needs to provision
• Working with providers to identify strategies, approaches and ways of working that will promote positive and person centred outcomes; this can include detailed planning, such as Individual Education Plans, Care Plans, Positive Behaviour Support Plans and
Individual Risk Assessments

We can provide consultations to:
• Families
• Schools and colleges
• Special Educational Needs Teams
• Social Care Services
• CAMHS Services and Teams
• Community Mental Health Teams
• Specialist Mental Health Services
• Commissioners of Health, Education and Social Care Services

These services can be funded in a variety of ways, including through Direct Payments, Special Educational Needs Departments, Social Care Teams, Health Services and by Commissioners of Health, Education or Social Care. This work is carried out through discussions, planning and in close consultation with those contracting the service.