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Swimming the English Channel for Autism East Midlands because Autism has affected our lives for over 27 years

In August 2015, the Dunsbee family swam across the English Channel for Autism East Midlands, this came about after one of Sarah and Tim’s daughters Hayley (the inspiration behind the swim) moved into a residential home for people with Autism at the age of 24.  

In August 2018, we plan to repeat the story and raise more money for this amazing charity. This time around we have a few minor amendments to the team, Amanda (Hayley’s Auntie) will be out due to injury and family friend Anna will join us, and Ian (Hayley’s Uncle) has changed his job and will be replaced by the team’s media manager from 2015, Piers. Team members are: Sarah Dunsbee, Tim Dunsbee, Cara Saunders, Andy McGinty, Anna Lord, Piers Martin, Jack Overton.

There are many rules and regulations for this swim, but basically the family will swim in one of the busiest shipping channels amongst ferries, boats and tankers for the 21-mile distance against tides and in the cold water of the English Channel, without wet suits.

Hayley’s team currently train independently in Manchester, Mansfield and Nottingham and have been training during the colder months within swimming pools, as we head into April the team will be off to the lakes and Seas and start preparing for our 2-hour initial cold water test that has to be achieved along with lots of other tests before the officials / pilots will allow you on board ready for the big day.

Part of the team pictured training at Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex, Mansfield who are keen supporters of the team.

You can view the team story by clicking on the link below, and show your support via Just Giving (Hayley’s Channel Relay Team): 


Click here to meet the Relay Team

The team are currently looking for sponsorship and media exposure to share their story and quest