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In our latest blog we hear again from Derby College student, Will. In this blog Will talks about assignments at College and how he manages his workload, he also talks about changes in routine and how over the years he has developed an understanding that routines can change.

Ive just completed 2nd year of college… Well my 2nd year of Level 3 and I achieved a Merit overall. One of the most important things to me about college is managing the workload and having that organisation to make things a lot easier for me. Myself like others with autism like to be organised and have routine. I have a particular routine that I follow when I get an assignment; I like to work on the assignment and make a start to it as soon as possible because getting my work completed and achieving is the most important thing to me ever. I read through an assignment, highlight what I need to do and what the tasks entails. My IT Assignments are projects, the first assignment is theory based and I have to research and write a report usually, for example one my level 3 ICT assignments was programming. I had to research the different characteristics of programming languages and how the mathematics is used in Computing, then the 2nd assignment of this unit was to create a program. The program that I was asked to create was a currency converter.

Assignments are really important to me, getting it done and finishing it is the best feeling in the world, you’re probably wondering how big my assignments are, well they’re quite big and I write lot. When working on an assignment I will work until it’s done. I work outside of college and at home in my free time a lot of my coursework requires research and reading around the topic. I work when I can whether its travelling on the train, in the car, at home sat outside in the sunshine. I have a positive attitude to the career and my future and this year it’s certainly shown. I never expected to be where I am today, at Derby College Studying IT, their help and support has been amazing. Sometimes with my assignments I have been in tears and on the verge on giving up but I get through it because in the end its worth it.

When I was younger, I couldn’t cope with routine change. I was little angry Will because I liked everything to be set in stone… but zoom forward 10 years and I can manage changes in routines its easy for me because it comes with time. As I matured I managed to cope with difference in routines, if something gets cancelled then that’s okay, Yeah I’m disappointed but it’s okay. Managing a change in routine has become easier I still like to know in advance if possible but being 19 years old I can cope with a change in my usual routine, I don’t like it but I don’t think anybody likes it when something changes but I am much better coping with change now… in September 2020 I hope to go to University of South Wales to Study IT, that’s gonna be a massive change.

Achieving & being positive and knowing your future is so much more exciting… This keeps me going. I have got a Goal and it’s not impossible!

All the Best,

Will x