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In this weeks blog we hear from Daniel, who accesses one of our Adult Day Services. Daniel wanted to write this blog in order to share his experiences of accessing his day service as well as the volunteering opportunity he has with the Autism East Midlands Learning & Development team, where he helps as an administration assistant.

Hi, I’m Daniel, I’m 27 years old. I go to Mundy Street Day Centre on Thursdays but every other Thursday I go to Creswell (Head Office) to volunteer. I also do Service User Voice at Mundy Street. When I go to Mundy Street I get a choice of what I want to do bowling or horse riding or walk group. On walk group we take good long walks in the countryside like Cromford and Hardwick Hall. They have two beautiful lakes you can walk around.

I’m also supported to go to Creswell where I volunteer to do various jobs such as paper work, photo copying etc. This will help me in life and my future goals, as one day id like to run my own business manufacturing speakers. I spend some time in Mundy Street doing activities, I will help with admin there e.g printing labels.

At Creswell I do numerous jobs such as:
• Photocopying
• Shredding
• Hole punch documents in folders
• Fetch paper
• Help replace ink cartridges
• Fill the photocopier draw with paper

Horse riding is great, I love the horses there, I have a special bond with them and I normally ride either Buster or Winston. I enjoy horse riding as I am an active person, horse riding refreshes me. If it is raining we ride in the school and if it is sunny we ride outside. When I dismount the horse after the session I like to give the horse a big cuddle.

Autism East Midlands support me with my autism. I feel very supported by the staff.