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In this second edition of the new Autism East Midlands blog series, Edward tells us about his trip to Paris with Autism East Midlands Children & Young Adults Flexible Short Breaks Service and about his love of photography.

At 6am, on Friday 27th July, I boarded a coach, with other young people, ready to leave for a week in Paris! I hadn’t slept that night, as I had to leave the house at 5am, so I hoped that I was able to sleep on the coach, during the 12-hour journey


After a VERY long journey, and a lot of rain, we arrived at the EuroCamp site that we would be staying at for the next 3 nights. I was going to be sharing a static caravan with 2 other young people, and 2 staff members. It was a really nice caravan, but we’d arrived at about 20:30, because there was quite a lot of traffic, especially in France, because the roads had been set for the Tour de France that was taking place! There was also lots of rain in France when we arrived, which flooded some of the roads that we were travelling down!

After we had arrived, and had settled, it was 22:30, and we hadn’t had any dinner yet! My group leader went, along with another group leader, to a pizza takeaway nearby to the campsite, and brought back lots of pizza for all of the groups – but I’d had a migraine earlier that evening, so didn’t eat much, and went straight to sleep afterwards!

On Saturday, my group went to visit the Eiffel Tower, after having a nice lie-in in the morning, because we’d had a very early morning the day before, to travel to Paris, and we’d had a very late night, because of how late we arrived at the campsite. There is obviously lots of security at the Eiffel Tower, and because I am diabetic, I have an insulin pump, however it cannot go through any x-ray machines, which meant that I had to remove the pump, twice! I also have a fear of falling, which didn’t help being half way up the Eiffel Tower! I love heights, but have a massive fear that I may fall, and it took me a lot of courage to be able to walk towards the edge of the tower, although I did manage to do this, and got some photographs!

After visiting the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, and walking round the streets of Paris on Sunday, we took the coach to Disneyland Paris on Monday morning, and spent the rest of the week at Disneyland Paris, where I went on lots of rides, did a lot of walking, and heard lots of Disney songs and saw some Disney characters. The food in the Disneyland parks was exceptional, and the Davy Crockett Ranch where we stayed for the remainder of the week was better than I had expected.

It was really sunny when we watched the Parade, and because the sun was directly in front of us during the Parade, my camera stopped working mid-way through the Parade, and most of the photographs I had of the Parade were just silhouettes, or were of such a bad quality that they weren’t usable. Similarly, when we watched the Disney Illuminations, we were stood quite a way back, and there were street lights left on, so that people could see where they were going if they wanted to leave the park, but this meant that all my camera would focus on was the street lights, and not the fireworks themselves, which I am a little disappointed about, however it couldn’t be helped – but this does mean that I have got to go back, at some point, to get better Parade photographs, and to get a better place to watch the Disney Illuminations, to take photographs of them too!

Overall, I had an amazing week away in Paris, and at Disneyland Paris, and although it was extremely hot, I had a lovely time, and can’t wait to be able to go on another trip with the other young people!
If you are going to France, and want something to do, I highly recommend both the Eiffel Tower, and Disneyland Paris!!


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