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The current coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately denied Autism East Midlands the opportunity to be out in the community; in shopping centres, at businesses and at community groups raising invaluable awareness of autism, during Autism Awareness Week (30th March – 5th April).

Instead, we will be hosting two free webinars online that you can join for free. The webinars will be 30 minutes long and hosted by our Specialist Autism Awareness Trainer, Debbie Austin. The webinars we will be delivering are:

Autism in the Workplace: Challenging 5 common assumptions

  • All Autistic individuals need high levels of support in the workplace
  • Autistic people can’t cope with change
  • Autistic people are not team players
  • Autistic people tend to work in engineering or IT
  • The process of employing, supporting, and developing autistic individuals is very complicated

Date: Thursday 2nd April at 3pm

An Autism Q & A

Debbie will be taking your questions on autism. We recommend that you submit your question before the session.
Here is an idea of some topics that you may ask questions about:

  • Autism in Women & Girls
  • Mental Health
  • Employment
  • Diagnosis
  • Support Strategies

Date: Friday 3rd April at 2:30pm

About your host:

Debbie has over a decade of experience working with people with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in a variety of settings and over 15 years experience teaching and training in post compulsory education. Debbie is a passionate and inspirational self advocate for Autism and Asperger syndrome and regularly speaks at conferences, on TV and Radio to raise awareness of Autism and Asperger Syndrome; the issues people face, prevalence and issues for women and girls on the spectrum and mental health and autism. Debbie has also been involved in setting up a number of projects aimed at providing mentoring and advocacy for those individuals with High Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome who receive little or no support. 

If you want to book a place on one, or both, of these free training sessions then please contact us by emailing: training@autismeastmidlands.org.uk