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Autism Alliance UK

aa_colors_darkgreenAutism East Midlands are active members of Autism Alliance. They are the major UK network of specialist autism charities. Currently there are 16 members

Together, the members support many thousands of autistic people, including more than 2,000 adults in residential homes, and thousands more through outreach services. They run schools for autistic children, and they train their own staff as well as staff in the public and private sectors. They are present on the Autism National Programme Board and are represented on the Advisory Group to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Autism. Collectively, they have the largest concentration of practical autism expertise in the UK.

Autism Alliance work within the same core values as ourselves:

Participation: we work hard to ensure that the voice of autistic people, and their families is heard

Collaboration: we work in partnership with autistic people, their families, commissioners and other organisations to increase understanding and achieve best outcomes.

Effectiveness: we strive to ensure that the services we provide meet the individual needs of the people and achieve the best outcomes and value.

Evidence based: we work to build an evidence base around best practice and take this into account in designing and delivering our own services.