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The weekend of the 3rd and 4th November saw the launch of 1,000 Native British Trees, a fundraising project that aimed to raise invaluable awareness and funds for Autism East Midlands and the Woodland Trust. The launch took place in Leicester at the Leicester Print Workshop and at the close of the launch 251 prints had been sold, generating an incredible £2510.

The inspiration behind the 1,000 Native British Trees project is the artist’s daughter, who was diagnosed with autism in 2016. Artist and fundraiser Tristram Aver’s experiences as a father of an autistic individual have helped to shape the foundations of this project. For Tristram’s daughter the calm and serene surroundings of woodland have helped her to cope with sensory overload and also helped her to communicate more freely. The calming influence of woodland is well documented and this project perfectly showcases why that calm and serene environment can help to calm an autistic individual.

Autism East Midlands is extremely grateful for Tristram’s wonderful support during this project, there is still an opportunity to purchase one of his art pieces by visiting the Project website Tristram will also be showcasing his artwork at Autism East Midlands’ Art Exhibition which will be held at the Nottingham Playhouse between the 13th & 16th November, free for all to enjoy whilst the Playhouse is open.